Wound2Tight Genre: Rock
Don’t miss our upcoming DVD show. Let’s keep the momentum going and keep this club rocking out on Saturday nights. If you have not been there – this is definitely the place to be!
Shellshock Genre: Rock
All the great bands from back in the day! You know what I’m talking about! The Beatles ,The Stones,Areosmith,Cream,Alice Cooper,The Monkees,you name it we will try our best to cover it for you.
Megan’s Law Genre: Rock
MEGAN’S LAW is a hard driving rock n’ roll band with a magical flair for powerful, harmonious vocals, screaming guitar riffs, melodic bass sounds, and a thunderous drum beat.
Fuzion Genre: Rock/Metal
FUZION is Tucson’s hard hitting rock/metal PARTY band playing your favorites from Rolling Stones to Godsmack. When you leave a Fuzion show you’re gonna feel it for a few days…like every good time experience should be felt…We hope to see you all soon.
Funky Bonz Genre: Rock/Metal